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It’s funny how you end up being touristy in your own city when you have friends visiting you.

I wouldn’t say this was my 1st visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque however the previous time I went there was for a work based photoshoot where I barely got to walk around & spend time at the magnificent grand mosque and just stop-stare & appreciate its beauty & peacefulness.

They have made the entry to the Grand Mosque far more simpler than what it was previously, you’re able to get yourself an Abaya right at the entrance which makes life way more simpler than what it was earlier & post that they also now provide a shuttle service of sorts to take you to the main point. Trust UAE, to always make life easy.

Obviously this isn’t a review of any sorts but I just thought I should start writing about most places I visit in town whether it’s a review or not.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve visited the Grand Mosque?

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