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Belated Easter Wishes!!

The best way to come out of the 46 day long lent is by indulging in some great meat to celebrate and MYNT has a curated an Easter special menu which thankfully hasn’t gone the stereo-typical way and experimented with the age-old egg curries/kinder egg desserts, instead they have strictly

includes the following –

Achari Lamb Tikka – I absolutely loved the over-night marinated tender baby lamb in a mild pickle sauce. It was extremely tender and flavorful. I’m hoping this makes it to their main menu.

Heavenly Chicken – Chicken drumsticks spiked with herbs, marinated in yogurt and cooked in a Tandoor – basically ‘Tangri Kebab’ to be precise, hah! This was kinda huge in size which makes it absolutely worth the price you’re paying, because you’ve about 4 huge leg pieces that comes in 1 plate.

Bell Pepper Chicken – Shredded Chicken which was mixed in bell pepper & a onion-tomato gravy. This is a semi gravy main-course and had a very different feel to it as compared to a usual Indian main course dish, it was slightly on the spicier side & that always works for me.

Stuffed Parathas – When your parathas taste as good as the ones I tried out here, you DON”T need a main-course, the parathas stuffed with chicken/cold cuts & veggies was a huge hit – extremely filling but who’s complaining?

There are also drinks that have made it to their Easter Menu – ‘Risen Glory’ which is a ginger ale based drink with the hint of mango pulp and lemon juice. The other drink is called Pink Bunny which is a fresh pomegranate & lychee drink with rose syrup. I recommend the Risen Glory.

The Easter menu is available from today (1st April) until the 3rd of April and you can make a reservation/ call for delivery – 02 6666400

Why I recommend MYNT? Apart from the great food, the fact that you get a good fine-dine feel at MYNT for the price of a casual Indian restaurant. Each dish costs you about AED 40 on an average.

P.S. Apart from the Easter menu, do give their Daab Chingri a try if you’re fond od prawns – its prawn-tastic 😀

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