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A few weeks ago I had a walk through nostalgia when I visited a hotel for a staycation! Mafraq Hotel that’s been around for years now used to be our family go-to hotel during long weekends and it was really exciting to be back here after so many years.

Now this is a great venue if you’re in Abu Dhabi and don’t want to travel all the way to Dubai but at the same time, don’t really want to do a city staycation. It’s a 25-30 minute drive away from Abu Dhabi city.

I would recommend the place particularly for young couples with kids, as there is a nice temperature controlled (perfect for the current weather) pool in there, along with a separate kids and ladies only pool. If you a fancy a drink by the pool, you could order one from their pool side bar. Also just by the pool, at the garden they also serve shisha which could be a great post pool activity!

The rooms are spacious, and I can’t explain this words, but the fragrance/odour in the room was extremely fresh and inviting, I honestly didn’t want to leave my room or bed, for this. They also have quite big balconies that give you a pool side view, however the balconies unfortunately are too close to sneak into the next door balcony.

I didn’t try out the food as such, apart from the lunch and the breakfast buffet, whilst the lunch buffet was slightly limited, I thought the breakfast buffet was satisfying and elaborate.

What works well for Mafraq is it’s extremely reasonable room rates which makes it a value for money staycation, considering its a pretty big property & very kid friendly!

You can find them on or on their Official website

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