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I’m often asked what my favourite brunch place in town is and I’m always confused because I either like the food at a place but not its vibe or just the vibe & not the food but that changed for me, thanks to the Eat Play Laugh brunch which is also now my ‘Friday mantra’ – Eat Play Laugh 😉


The lavish spread boasts of the signature dishes from all the Marriot outlets – The JW Steakhouse, Velocity, Central Grounds and Kuzbara itself (the brunch host restaurant) Apart from this you’ll also find an Indian counter (Kebabs and Chaat) and a massive dessert section which includes cakes, chocolate fountains, ice-creams, freak-shakes etc etc

I personally enjoyed the grills & tandoor kebabs, the most with the dessert section being my 2nd favourite & thanks to the Velocity side of the brunch, I got to have the best chicken wings in town.

Drinks & Vibe

Unfortunately I can’t remember the bar-tenders name but there is a guy who hails from Chennai (India) and he made us some of the best gin based cocktails we have had in a long long time. There is plenty of cocktails to choose from & if that does not make a cut then you could always give the bar-tender the liberty to experiment & create something new for you & trust me you won’t be disappointed.

It was also the 1st time I tried out ‘Frozen Wine’ which has the potential to get one really-really high without realizing (talking by experience, haha)

The vibe is extremely chilled out, the place was packed with a lot of mix crowd & the DJ was great, however I’m not sure why people weren’t dancing as such, because the DJ was definitely doing his job right & I was itching to dance but was holding back & waiting someone else to take the lead.

You also have a life-size jenga, foos-ball board & kinect to fulfill the PLAY aspect of ‘Eat Play & Laugh’ and incase you’re wondering what’s bringing the laughs to you apart from the alcohol, then there’s also a magician at the brunch who is FABULOUS!


Right from the girl who welcomed us with a drink at the entrance, to the chef, to the staff in general, every single person was extremely friendly, well-informed & out there to help – full marks for service!


The Eat Play Laugh brunch has 3 price categories, Eat priced at AED 270 inclusive of soft beverages, Play priced at AED 390 inclusive of house beverages, and Laugh priced at AED 429 inclusive of premium Italian bubblies.

It’s definitely higher than most places in Abu Dhabi, however I genuinely thought it was worth it & found myself talking about it to every single person I met post the brunch!

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